MF‘s core business is provider of various steel products globally and is engaged in the industry for more than 15 years.

Managed by experienced professionals, it has proven its competency in supplying the nation’s demand complying customers’ specifications and sizes for specific project requirement on time at reasonable cost.

The continuous demand of steel makes us drive to help and provide the needs beyond the regular market sources. This will ease the engineers to optimize the project design using specific steel products, worrying less on their material to use. We provide full range of sizes and specifications of steel.

With over 30 manufacturing facilities worldwide, we stand out fully capable of serving your steel requirements.

Steel Provider in Manila, Philippines
Megalos Ferro Inc
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is “to become the leading and trusted partner in specialized supply of steel and construction products empowering the ideal success of every project”

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is “to fulfil the customers’ design to be accomplished, worrying less on the supply availabilities regardless of the specifications and sizes.”

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Why MEGALOS FERRO is your best choice?

always affordable and negotiable according to your ideal budget.

we are flexible as ever to support customer’s capacity. We help base on customer’s financial capability.

our team has the spirit and expertise on compliance guidance and knowledge of globally known standards. Each products are provided with Material Certificates.

we believed each project has its own progress plan and schedules, our team is dedicated to incorporate our lead time to your schedule, so as to achieve our common goal – success of project.

just name your location and expect our products to be there soon, no need to worry about transportation, anywhere & anytime. Mostly we deliver free of charge. Logistics is our add-on service.

we have unique capability that supports project on design basis. We do not supply on what we have, instead we provide what you need to have.

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