STEEL SSAW PIPES also known as spiral submerged arc welded pipes, are manufactured using a spiral welding process. This method ensures a consistent and uniform weld, contributing to the pipe’s structural integrity. To adapt its application, it is sometimes applied with Polyurethane Coating outside for seawater environment, internal paint or cement lining for water systems. We normally customize these pipes according to customer requirements.

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Main Applications:

  1. Building structure: Spiral pipes can be used as components of load-bearing parts such as pillars, beams, and foundations in building structures to improve the stability and safety of buildings.
  2. Steel Casing in Bridge construction: Spiral pipes can be used as main beams, support beams and other load-bearing components in bridge construction to improve the bearing capacity and service life of the bridge.
  3. Elevated roads and overpasses: Spiral pipes have high strength and seismic performance in the construction of elevated roads and overpasses, and can be used as load-bearing support structures to improve the safety of transportation facilities.
  4. Piling Foundations: This is most common in marine structures, such as bridges, ports, and piers. The pipe pile serves as the forming body of the concrete structure to support itself and the system. In some cases, interlocking supports (such as O-Pile, C9 Clutch, etc.) are added to secure connections between the piles.
  5. Water Systems: it is commonly used as main water transport system due to its durability and compatibility both for water consumption and agricultural applications.

Common Specifications:

  1. Our Pipes are available in wide range of carbon material specifications. Common requirements are ASTM A252 (Grade 1 2 3), API 5L, ASTM A53, SY/T5037, GB/T3091, GB/T9711.2