Angle Bar


In steel part fabrication and manufacturing, an angle bar is a type of bar used to create supported corners and outside rims. These corners and rims are used for various walls and surfaces. Such bars are easily applied to virtually any type of surface through welding or by using drilled fastening methods.

  The steel angle bar, for example, is a steel bar shaped like an L. One angle is perpendicular to the other. This forms an inside angle as well as an outside angle. The sides of the angle often categorized as Equal Angle bar or Unequal Angle Bar.

Angle Bar Applications:

  • Structural and Building Construction, Bridge Construction, Tanks, Pressure Vessel, Boiler and Heat Exchangers, Steel Supports, Steel Fabrications, Ship Building

Steel Grades:

  • All grade range for Carbon Steel, Mild Steel, Boiler Plate Grade, Tanks, Ship Building, High Strength, Low-Alloy, we also have all range of Stainless grades.

Available Sizes:

  • Thickness- 1.0mm to 30.0mm , Side- 15mm to 500mm, Length- 3,000mm to 12,000mm
Angle bar