Philippines Seamless Pipes

Philippines Seamless Pipes

Philippines Seamless Pipes has better pressure capacity; strength is higher than ERW welded steel pipe. So it is widely applied in high pressure equipment, and thermal, boiler industries. Generally, the welding seam of the welded steel pipe is the weak point, the quality affects overall performance.

MEGALOS FERRO INC. seamless pipes is formed by perforating a steel ingot or a solid tube blank, and then hot rolled, cold rolled or cold drawn. The welded Philippines Seamless Pipes is a steel pipe which is welded and formed by a steel strip or a steel plate to be deformed into a circular shape or a square shape, and has a joint on the surface. The blank used for welded steel pipes is steel plate or strip steel. From the above definition, the biggest difference between the seamless steel pipe and the welded steel pipe is that the welded steel pipe has seams.

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